Guiding Light –  Independent Funeral Celebrant Services from Christine Hewitt


Christine Hewitt is a professionally trained Independent Funeral Celebrant who lives and works in West Sussex.

As an Independent Funeral Celebrant she does not have any professional affiliation to any church or humanist organisation. This means that she can create a service that reflects your wishes and desires and those of your loved one. She offers religious services, services where religion is not referred to at all, and services which can include as much or as little spiritual, religious content as desired.

Christine is approachable and highly professional in everything that she undertakes. Christine works closely with those who have lost a loved one creating individual, a unique and personalised funeral service. Once you feel able to start planning your loved ones funeral service, she will arrange to meet with you in person.

Friends and family may wish to contribute to the service. Involvement can be in the form of a personal tribute, choosing photos, readings, poems, a prayer and/or music for example. Christine welcomes and encourages those who wish to participate and say goodbye in ways that are meaningful for themselves and all those present.

Individual life centred funerals offer those who want something more personal and meaningful than that of the traditional service. Far from being sombre, the ceremonies Christine creates are positive and uplifting because they focus on life not on death.

Each ceremony Christine conducts is individually written from start to finish, honouring the person who has died. Each ceremony is conducted in a dignified manner focusing on everything that made the person special and unique.

On most occasions she will meet with the family to discuss the most appropriate kind of funeral ceremony. If the next of kin lives a long distance away, she can discuss with you a ceremony by telephone, Skype, WhatsApp or email.