Christine Hewitt


Naming Ceremonies

If you are looking for an alternative to a traditional Christening or religious ritual to celebrate the brith of a child, you might like to consider a Naming Ceremony.
Many parents feel that a traditional church service is not for them as they don’t hold religious beliefs.

Choosing a Naming Ceremony means that you can craft and plan the occasion exactly how you like, choosing the venue and location that you’d prefer. I can also help you to write the vows and promises of care, love, guardianship and support that you and your family and friends make on the day.

How does this work?

Many people will christen a baby a few weeks after the birth. However, you don’t have to do it that way. A child can be any age to be part of a naming ceremony. It’s possible also to hold a ceremony to welcome step-children or adopted children to your family. This can be a wonderful way to bring families and friends together and to publicly state your commitment to raising, caring for and loving the children in your care. There is no set rules to follow. You are free to craft and design a ceremony that is meaningful to you.

You may like to combine the ceremony with a birthday, or if you have more than one child why not celebrate and give thanks for them in a multiple ceremony. It gives you the chance to celebrate your love and commitment to them surrounded by family and friends, in your choice of location.

If you are unsure of the term God Parents then Guide Parents is the perfect alternative. The name doesn’t matter so much as the ritual of offering those special people in your life the opportunity to pledge their love and support for your family.

Naming ceremonies from £200.